about the weather

Just last week, I was shaking my head at a woman-on-a-tv-show's being scared of a thunderstorm. How ridiculous, a grown woman! Then, on Tuesday afternoon, the air changed, it got all ionized, and the temperature dropped. The light was yellowy gray, and the wind started whipping. I love these things, so I got Olive and went out on the front porch to watch it come. After just a couple of minutes, there was the most tremendous clap of thunder with a column of lightening ten feet away. It was the loudest thing I can remember ever hearing. Without delay, Olive and I slunk back in the house, both of us shaking. I was scared in a physical way that was utterly unnerving. Every afternoon since, we've had a thunderstorm (though none so scary.) They come and go just like in the tropics. I love it. The pressure building and releasing. From thick and hot to cool and slinky. Afterward, the evening air and light is dreamy. Yesterday at sunset, the little, white house cattycorner from us was ultraviolet.

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