five senses friday

"five senses friday" is a thing that I was inspired to try by Abby, at abby try again, who says, I use it weekly as way to sit down and reflect on what the past days have been like for me. That blog is a constant source of inspiration to me. She was inspired to do it by her friend, Shari Altman. So, here goes:

Tasting: The tiny persimmon (about the size of a quarter) that dropped at my feet on our walk in the park was so plump and sweet and flavorful, almost like melon in a tomato package.

Smelling: I have been sniffing my dog Olive's coat which smells healthy and musky and warm and familiar and a lot like fall leaves because she wallows in the yard.

Feeling: A slight sense of's later than you think...trying to cast off dead weight and prepare for the harsher conditions of winter...spooky shiftings...sneaky prawns...that salt and pepper packet was in a drawer I was clearing out because I loved the design and stashed it. Only, the clean, simple aesthetic had become clutter. So I took a picture to archive it. The thing is, I still can't throw out a perfectly good salt and pepper packet. Should I stick it in the glove box?

Hearing: Cannot stop listening to the Be Good Tanyas disc that Mary made me. Much as I love it, it's starting to get a little strange and sad...keep it light enough to travel, don't let it all unravel.
Also, the birdsong outside of my windows (open windows!) sounds especially clear.

Seeing: Blue sky. Bold colors. Chunky gold sunshine. Orange.

oh, and play along if you want!

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