The top picture is of my table when I first saw it at the thrift store. It was thirty dollars and is already well loved. That's not Carol in the picture but I think of it as her every time I see it.

The second is a piece of abstract collage I found. "For Louisa" is scrawled on the mat.

Spierlick? Okay. I love this chair and should have a real picture of it, here, because it's a kind of subtle rocking chair that I've never seen before. Looks mid-century Italian. Yum. El Dorado? the seller, I guess.

I saw this paper-cutout piece at the same time as the chair. My reservation with this was that it was a little too girly and folk arty, but in the end I psyched myself up to go back and get them both. This was gone, though. Ack. I'm so glad I took a picture of it at least. I feel it was made by a teenager. Certainly female, right?

The sail boat picture was pleasingly three dimensional with puffed out sails. I kind of wish I'd gotten it now.

I had just had my bangs (fringe) cut.

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Jennifer said...

Hebden mittens?I still adore mine. Beautiful pictures and I am entirely jealous of your table.Feel like I still don't know enough about where you are and whatcha up to. Need some Shelley time. xxx